[MBYE 23] Alice Vo Edwards on ADHD, 504 Plans, and Building Social Capital



Alice Vo Edwards is a consultant with roles at multiple companies including Alerive, MassInflux, and BattleBuddy, where she specializes in utilizing her technology and applied psychological science expertise to support systems for improving health and wellbeing outcomes.


She is also an advocate for improving mental health support systems and founder of ADHDKid.net. She volunteers as the outreach coordinator for the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention, and advocates for women in scientific careers working internationally in her role as At-Large Delegate for Graduate Women in Science. She is also completing a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Walden University with an emphasis on research and evaluation related to workplace wellbeing.


In this episode, we cover:

  • How Alice started her advocacy journey when her daughter was diagnosed with ADHD
  • How she went on a quest to build a better 504 process for her daughter and others like her
  • Her mission to help other parents of kids with ADHD through the ADHD Kid Diary and ADHDKid.net


Where To Connect with Alice Online:

Connect with Mia Francis-Poulin!

  1. Find out how you can work with Mia at www.racreative.co
  2. Catch up with Mia on Instagram.
  3. Join the Mama, Build Your Empire Group on Facebook.


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