[MBYE 6] Lisa Zawrotny on Positivity, Organization, and Gratitude

Happy Monday, Mom-pire builders!

On today’s episode of Mama, Build Your Empire I have Lisa Zawrotny, owner of Positively Productive Systems, LLC.

Lisa Zawrotny created Positively Productive Systems after a deeply overwhelming time in her life juggling multiple roles as a caregiver for her Mom (who had Alzheimer’s) as well as wife, mother (to kids & cats) and as a business owner. After being trapped in her own clutter and chaos, she took back her health and sanity through a combination of renewed self-care, personal development, and a customized combination of organizing and productivity approaches. The process was so healing for her and her family, she knew immediately she wanted to guide others in the same way. As a holistic productivity coach certified in time management and life coaching, Lisa helps multi-tasking clients remove overwhelm and embrace simplicity by decluttering their lives (inside & out) and designing systems and habits that reflect their personalities and values.

In our amazing interview, we covered:

– The mindset of finding time to get organized

– Letting go of the guilt that comes from being strapped for time (a very finite resource)

– How we can implement gratitude into our quest for positive productivity

You can find Lisa online at www.positivelyproductive.com or on Facebook.

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