[MBYE 2] What I Learned From A Failed Business


Hey, hey!

I’m getting a little vulnerable on this new episode of the MBYE podcast. In this episode, I chat about my failed business. (Yes, a whole business failed!)

Here are the highlights:

  • How I started a business right out of college
  • Why you need to have a disaster plan for your business
  • How “every knock is a boost”
  • View “failure” as the beginning of your next opportunity
  • Why it’s crucial that we get out of our own heads when we “fail”
  • Look forward to the next thing

“Failing at something means that you had the gall and gumption to even try.” — Mia Francis-Poulin

Links mentioned in this podcast:

www.instagram.com/mia_the_marketer ← My Instagram — go follow me!

bit.ly/mbyetribe ← the Mama, Build Your Empire Facebook group

www.racreative.co ← R + A Creative Co., the boutique digital marketing agency owned by Mia Francis-Poulin

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